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The RobScenity

Random Ranting & Raving

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My place to vent and rid myself of all the crap endangering my psyche

If I ever get back on the internet airwaves, I will be restarting my hourly dedications to Chris Williams, of the Surrey RCMP. Chris has almost singlehandedly set humanity back 1,000 years with his habits of flashlight whipping young women and using his dog as an attack weapon by locking it in cars with people he doesn't like and letting it rip them up a bit. Keep up the good work, Chris, and maybe one day soon, you'll have us back to the Collusium Era. Let's just hope you're a xtian, there's plenty of hungry lions waiting.

As always, the song I dedicate to Chris is The Plasmatics' "A Pig is a Pig. (and that's that)"

Question: Why do all males under the age of 20 feel it is required that everything they say is to be said at maximum volume? I need answers, please!!!

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Please feel free to do some ranting and raving of your own.

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