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Had it up to here with apprentice wizards? Ready to puke at the mere thought of yet another teen born with strange mutant abilities, or parents from another planet? Then you're ready to meet Peidlow Twerne , just a slightly above average kid who can't see through walls, isn't hiding a secret identity, and has no plans whatsoever to avenge the death of his parents, whom he lives with and are not even sick, let alone dead. But don't be fooled, Peidlow's life is anything but dull as he pits his slightly above average intelligence against such fearsome foes as: The Date, Driver's Ed, and the Eternal Triangle he shares with Wilhelmina Daalderkutt and the elusive Parthenia Pastapopoulous. Marvel as Peidlow hurtles towards school on his bike at speeds nearing those of a normal boy on a bike. Be amazed, as Peidlow does not go back in time to reconstruct the embarrassing Librarian Incident. Cheer as Peidlow repulses the political propaganda fed to him by his adult nemesis, his mom's best friend, Ilene Tether-Wright, whose only claim to fame is that she MAY be distantly related to Wilbur (but not Orville) Wright. Yes, if you long for a hero who gets zits at the most inappropriate times, works as a dishwasher after school and is capable of extreme feats of getting smacked out by the town bully, then you're ready for Peidlow Twerne. Buckle up folks, there's some mildly adventurous doings ahead.

The Amazing Fernando
Peidlow's Mom's Retarded Chihuahua

Today in Peidlow related news:

The manuscript for the Mildly Adventurous Doings of Peidlow Twerne has been accepted by a publisher and should be going to print fairly soon. Remember to ask for it in every bookstore you pass by - increased sales mean benefits not just to me, though I am rather fond of those, but to others as well. 10% of all revenue generated by Twerne will be donated to literacy programs worldwide, with another 10% going to Animal Rights causes and the S.P.C.A. (only the ones with a 'no kill' policy.) So help make the world a better place, and have a good, fun read at the same time!!

Twerne Update:
The final edit of the manuscript has been sent in, it's only a matter of time until the Twernian takeover. Be prepared.

Have signed and sent the physical contract. For the next 7 years, my life belongs to my publisher. Hope they clean up my cage from time to time.

Ok, I've just sent back my approved page previews, so now we go to cover design and printing!!! Whheee. Only a short while now, prepare to be Twerned around!!

It's out!!! The Mildly Adventurous Doings Of Peidlow Twerne is a reality!!! Zip over to Chapters or Amazon or any truly reputable, MassCool bookstore and order your very own copy. Be the first on your block - be the first in your school. In fact, be the first to form a Cult group!!

Ordering Information

"The Mildly Adventurous Doings Of Peidlow Twerne"

By Rob Hooymans


Available through fine bookstores everywhere

Watch this page for really crappy Peidlow cartoons,until I've mastered Flash 8, then watch for astoundingly good ones.